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9 photo overlay apps

Superimposing one photo on top of another is an artistic technique that can breathe new life into ordinary shots. For example, you can use it to create a composition by blending multiple photos of the same scene but with different lighting. The effect will be amazing!

Of course, this can be done using Photoshop on a computer, but not everyone knows how to use it. Fortunately, in addition to many standard editing features, many mobile photo editors can do this. In this review, we will tell you about the best of them.


PicsArt contains many tools that can transform a photo: a huge database of masks, presets and other features, most of which are free. You can overlay one photo on another, work with layers, save them, or even make animation.

The app has incredibly fast rendering and quick editing feature. For this, templates with ready-made settings are used. Don't like the result? Then use manual parameter setting. Unfortunately, some templates are only for premium accounts. But there is good news - you can use the free version for 3 days.

After registering on the site, all images will be saved in your account. You can go back and continue editing the photo at any time.

Available for Android and iPhone.


Pixlr is a very powerful photo editor. It will make your photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer. It even has an automatic editing function - the application will automatically select the desired brightness and contrast.

In the settings, you can choose the intensity of the impact of each function and experiment with color and shades. It is possible to choose a phrase for the picture. The resulting result can be saved in JPG or PNG format. The number of options is constantly growing thanks to the active work of programmers.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Photo Blender

The name of this application speaks for itself. It allows you to mix different details in a photo like a blender, so that the result is an interesting image. You can forget about boring photo editing. Now it's a fun process: you can experiment with double exposure, there is a large selection of moving objects, quotes and other additional elements that can be superimposed on the image.

The program has a large selection of templates. They will quickly make the image look like you spent hours editing it. Crop a photo, flip a photo, or combine multiple images into a collage. Want to add something original? Use double exposure to combine multiple photos into one.

In just a few seconds, you can change the background of a photo to prank your friends or colleagues. Post a photo on a social network that looks like you are in Paris or London, and then enjoy the comments. Photo Blender develops creativity, trains imagination and the ability to look for original solutions. Try it - you definitely won't be disappointed.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Galaxy Overlay Photo

In Galaxy Overlay Photo, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, add a black and white filter, and change the sensitivity of each filter. There is a color scheme setting for each picture. It even allows you to change the color of the sky: for example, make it pink or dark blue.

Captions and frames can be added to photos with impressive choices. All of them are grouped into categories, which greatly simplifies the search for a suitable option. There is a section of Polaroid-frames, multi-colored and even intended for congratulations on certain holidays.

Available for Android and iPhone.


PhotoGrid is a great application with a lot of options. Most of which are free to use. But sometimes ads will be shown and a watermark will be applied to the image. To remove it, you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

The interface is quite simple and does not require additional photography skills. It will only take you a few minutes to understand how everything works. For example, with just a couple of clicks, you can turn photos into memes, comics and collages. Or even insert moving elements to create animations.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Photo Lab

As you can guess from the name of this application, it is a whole digital photo lab. It opens up a huge scope for the realization of creative ideas.

What is this app best for? For literally anything. It gives the user the opportunity to try thousands of ready-made filters, corrective tools, overlay one photo on another, and dozens of templates. There is an automatic background change and a function to add text to images.

Portrait mode, blur effect and many other effects have been added to the standard set of tools. You can use unlimited templates and even apply double exposure. Their number is constantly growing - replenishment occurs every week. Each tool can be tuned manually.

Available for Android and iPhone.


With Overlay you can add any text to pictures, mix several pictures into one and make many other settings. It is worth noting the absence of annoying watermarks, for the removal of which you usually have to pay. There is a set of masks for changing human faces. For example, you can turn your face into a cat or dog face.

Out of almost fifty fonts, you can always find the right one. Funny tips that appear on the screen from time to time will not let you get bored. The application is free to use. It is ad-supported, but ads appear infrequently.

Only available for Android.


The Over application is well-known among photography lovers. It works like a social network, which is very convenient for sharing photos. Many professional photographers and famous people use it. Therefore, you can find a lot of interesting content here or show off your own pictures.

It has a huge number of preset presets and individual editing tools. There are also several selfie tools to eliminate wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin imperfections.

You can play around with double exposure to create a new image from two photos. A variety of fonts will help decorate the picture with a suitable inscription or a ready-made quote from the Over database. There is paid content with a rather high price. However, for a lover of free options, it will be quite enough.

Available for Android and iPhone.


If you've ever searched the web for a photo editing app, you may have heard of Snapseed. It allows you to process images as if they were done by a professional in Photoshop. The program is close to professional, while it is much easier to use. You don't have to spend weeks to understand how it works (unlike Photoshop).

To avoid fiddling with manual settings every time, you can simply select one of the many presets. There's even an option to remove people from the photo and a great sharpening tool that doesn't degrade the quality of the image.

Available for Android and iPhone.