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9 online planners to create an interior and apartment plan

Are you planning to renovate your apartment? You can create the interior of a house or a separate room with a regular pen and a blank sheet of paper. But is it possible in this simple way to convey all the ideas, every little thing, especially if you are not a very good artist? Let's be honest: it is unlikely that in this case it will be possible to draw a layout of even one room.

But we have good news! There are special services that make it possible to provide for any little thing - from the size of windows to the location of outlets. You can, for example, place different kinds of windows to see what works best. Make several options for the interior and print them out to show the master later. This will help him better understand what you want to get in the end.


With the online planner Remplanner, you can create technical drawings for repairs yourself. The service helps to create your own apartment design project without involving a professional designer.

The most important difference between this planner and others is the design and presentation of the project in the form of working drawings, as in a classic design project. This is a complete set of working drawings, consisting of 12 planning sheets (initial measurement plan, wall dismantling plan, floor heating plan, furniture layout plan, etc.)

The planner also has 3D visualization, printing of an album of drawings as a PDF file, calculation of estimates and scope of work for teams, approximate calculation of rough materials for repairs, the ability to simultaneously work with several layout options.


How the service Autodesk Homestyler works is quite simple: you drag everything you need onto the size grid. This is how any elements are placed - from furniture to holes in the wall. After installing the item, click on its image to set the exact size and shape. When you click on the “Room Plan”, a control panel appears, where various data are corrected: the type of room, its dimensions and other information.

For a detailed drawing of the interior of your dream home, the service developers have provided a large selection of furniture. Interior items cannot be changed. But thanks to the choice of various elements, you are sure to find something suitable. The finished project can be saved or printed. It is even possible to export it as a DWG file to a 2D or 3D image.

There is an interesting option that allows you to use a real photo: you take a picture of your own room and place furniture in the picture. This is the simplest yet powerful online scheduler we've tested. Its feature is pre-installed room plans, including various design options in urban and country houses.

An indisputable plus of the service is the ability to easily move furniture, changing its dimensions. There are no restrictions: all elements in the program are free. Why? The catalog contains furniture that can be purchased in real life - a great way to embed advertising, making the tool more convenient.

Do you want to immediately determine the approximate cost of the project? Take a look at the Shopping section, where you will find finishing materials and their cost. Please note that the prices here are approximate and the list of materials is not complete. As a nice bonus, Autodesk Homestyler offers tools for creating the landscape of the local area: gravel, grass, water, and much more. The program supports the Russian language.


Floorplanner uses the Snap tool to draw even corners and curved walls. After the latter are drawn, they can be moved, increasing the space or, conversely, decreasing it. Floorplanner has a large selection of windows and doors that you can place and then change to your liking. Furniture can be detailed to give it the right dimensions.

Floorplanner allows you to create projects in three dimensions, not only with a top view. However, all changes are made first in 2D mode, and then, if necessary, are transformed into 3D. You can quickly switch between modes to see how your changes look in "reality".

Users also have the opportunity to print ready-made interiors and share them on social networks. You can publish the project on Facebook, send it by e-mail or place it on the site pages. Ideal for designers!


Roomle allows you to export finished interior designs to JPG files. You can print the created interior, change every detail, and present any size in both English and metric measuring systems.

The application allows you to easily move between 2D and 3D. In a three-dimensional version, you can view the created environment with an “overhead” or “first-person” view, which allows you to accurately assess the finished project.

The set of elements is small, but thanks to flexible settings, their sizes can be easily changed. The scheduler interface is convenient and easy to learn. Walls are "built" very quickly, move/remove in one click. This is a very good tool with different options for creating the perfect home project, but without Russian language support.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D provides ready-made designs based on the selected room shape. The service has a large set of tools with which you can visualize any interior in as much detail as possible. The program allows you to choose everything - from the type of switch to musical instruments.

You will be surprised by the user-friendly scheduler interface: here the tools are on the left panel, so when you select a category, you can see them all at once. Does the design seem too busy? Just move the extra objects to another location. Another useful feature of the planner is to add new floors.

Although the service does not allow you to download the JPG/PNG image directly to your computer, you can take a snapshot of the project to save the editing process. Planner 5D has paid options, so some design elements are locked. However, you can be sure that one item in each category is free.

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is a free online tool that helps you create floor and room plans. It has a simple interface, so it will not be difficult to understand it. When you select a floor plan, the room style is immediately selected.

There are no obscure graphic symbols here. Instead, VP Online uses standard characters. At the same time, even if you are not well versed in architectural symbols, just hover over the icon with the mouse - a hint will pop up, and you will immediately understand what this symbol means. If you plan to use the scheduler frequently, you can mark some of the icons as your favorites, thus saving time spent searching.


HomeByMe is a free online space planning service. Start working on a project in 2D - build a room from scratch, add furniture, accessories. Then convert it to 3D where there are no walls and where you can see inside the plan you created. No matter what skills you have, what goals you set, in what form you want to present your model, this program will suit you perfectly.

IKEA Home Planner

The IKEA Home Planner offers a limited selection of objects to create a kitchen/dining room interior. A certain set of elements can be supplemented with your own to get a more accurate design solution. Despite the fact that the choice of items is limited, it is allowed to change their sizes - this will take into account the dimensions of the apartment.

The 3D visualization works great, so you can see all the details from the inside at a glance. The control panel will allow you to "walk" around the created room, evaluate the work done. Furnishings are placed in 3D and resized and controlled in 2D.

At the moment, the service has rather limited capabilities, but it is likely that over time additional options will appear in it. Now this is more of a marketing ploy of the company than a serious development. The conclusion is this: IKEA Home Planner is not the most convenient planner from the review, especially without the support of the Russian language.

Roomstyler 3D Planner

Do you want to improve your own house plan or other finished projects? Then this program is for you! The service can be used without registration. If you register, you will get the opportunity to post your projects on social networks so that your friends can see them.

Roomstyler 3D Planner allows you to insert walls, doors, windows, select elements from the interior decoration gallery. Move the camera along the plan to get a more detailed view of the interior, change the color of the walls and ceiling, if necessary, using an extensive palette.

Real things can be used to add to the project: kitchen appliances, gardening tools in the garage. If you like the selected item, click the Available for purchase button - you will see the cost of the specified item and the address where you can buy it. The interface is relatively easy to use and also allows you to view the diagram and 3D view at the same time.