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8 Best Apps for Mi Band Fitness Bracelet

During the confrontation between Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi has managed to make a name for itself with the Mi Band 4. It tracks fitness activities, heart rate, controls music, and performs many other actions. The quad has a bright AMOLED display, improved ID and exercise sensors.

The main competitor of the new model is Honor Band 5. However, developers from all over the world come up with applications that expand its standard options, which makes Mi Band 4 cooler. For example, you can see the names of incoming callers during a call, choose different watch faces, etc. It's worth getting to know a few of these programs.

Notify & Fitness

Notify & Fitness has many interesting features, but requires synchronization with Mi Fit or Gadgetbridge. By default, Mi Band 4 can display notifications. Using Notify & Fitness, you can read messages, set alarms and reminders. There is a set of dials from different developers.

An interesting option is to set up notifications for friends and relatives. There is a history of indications, graphs of pulse and sleep. The data is displayed on the screen in a convenient form. exported to a number of applications. You can set up repeated reminders for almost all types of notifications, for example, do not forget about a missed call. The app also syncs with Google Maps.

The utility has too many features to list them all in one article. It costs $5, but it definitely makes every penny paid. There are paid services - synchronization with Strava and Runkeeper, which will make working in them more convenient. The free version (with ads) has many features too.

In the latest version of the app, a watch face builder for Mi Band 5 has been added. Fitness, but the utility Navigation definitely deserves attention, because it costs only $ 1 and works very well. By choosing a destination on Google Maps on your smartphone, you can see the turns, the distance to the destination, the expected time of arrival on the bracelet screen. Now you do not need to constantly hold the phone in your hand to watch the route. There is support for the Russian language.

Master for Mi Band

Application Master for Mi Band is constantly updated, new functionality is added. The latest versions have added smart lock, the ability to flash Mi Band 5 (.fw,.res), set a password, interval heart rate measurement and sleep without a phone. Of course, there is a sleep analysis, a smart alarm clock and a call notification. During heavy physical exertion, the high heart rate notification option will be especially useful. If you have Android 5.0, you can control music and volume. There is a function to display the weather and humidity.


Gadgetbridge is a good alternative to Mi-Fit: the problem with this application is that you cannot opt ​​out of sharing personal data to their server or delete this information. It has all the features (sleep tracking, alarm clock, activity tracker, etc.). However, due to recent changes in the Mi Band 4 firmware, you will now need a smartphone only on the Android operating system to synchronize with it.

Switching from one fitness bracelet to another causes difficulties due to the impossibility of data exchange between systems: all information remains in the memory of the bracelet on which it was recorded. GadgetBridge is an open source app that works with many smartwatches and fitness trackers such as Mi Band, Amazefit, Pebble, Casio, Lenovo and more. Therefore, you can always save and import your data to them.

Tools & Mi Band

Application Tools & Mi Band - paid, but costs only $4. Here, unlike Gadgetbridge, the set of available functions has been significantly expanded. For example, you can set up notifications for individual WhatsApp contacts or your phone book. This program requires synchronization with Mi Fit or Gadgetbridge.

You can set custom reminders or alarms in Mi Tools. For example, a reminder to drink water every 2 hours. With Mi Tools, you no longer need to be tied to desktop computers or laptops to receive notifications.

Mi Band 4's auto DND feature will mute any notifications while you are sleeping or busy. It syncs with Sleep as Android. There is a view of the names of callers, messages, custom alarms, repeated notifications, templates. No data export to Runtastic and Strava apps.

Mi Band 5 is fully supported! Control of dials, gestures and sensors is available. There is a function to extract SMS codes for quick confirmation of purchases in online stores. There was a cancel button, mute and a heart rate monitor. Tasker widgets and plugins are supported.

AmazFaces Watchface

The AMOLED display has not yet reached perfect clarity, but the manufacturer has provided the ability to install new watch faces from the Internet in the Mi-Fit application. They must first be downloaded using AmazFace.

The application has a large selection of watch faces (more than 35 thousand) for all watches from Xiaomi. Including animated ones. There is a search by tags, categories. There is a function to create an individual watch face with the ability to install any GIF-picture.


Mi Band 4 comes with a color display. Watchface is an application for changing the standard watch face. With a dedicated app with hundreds of watch faces to choose from, you won't get bored. You can filter them by different parameters, click the "Install" button, then open Mi Fit and select this watch face.

Band Selfie

Band Selfie allows you to set your fitness band as a remote camera shutter. The settings are a little complicated, but you can figure it out. There is an important caveat: it only works with cameras like Open Camera, Bison Camera, Night Selfie Camera.

It's good to take selfies with Band Selfie - the fitness bracelet will work as a remote control for the smartphone's front camera. This feature is especially useful for group shots: no one has to step out of the frame to take a photo.

To work properly, please install and launch Open Camera, it will automatically detect Mi Band 4. Then go to the Music screen on the band to take a photo. Music control cannot be used when selfie mode is on.

The application is distributed free of charge and contains no ads.