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7 Really Minimalist Launchers for Android

Phubbing is when your interlocutor spends too much time on the phone in your presence. According to recent studies, the more people phubbing, the more conflict situations they have when communicating with other people.

To reduce the time spent with the gadget, you can start using minimalist launchers from third-party developers. They will change the Android interface to a more strict one so that you are less tempted to launch YouTube, Instagram and other time wasters.

Indistractable Launcher

The developers of Indistractable Launcher were clearly inspired by the interface of the LightPhone smartphone. Minimalistic design is the first thing you notice when working with the application. High contrast GUI with white text on a black background. The main screen shows the time, date and battery level.

Basic functions are performed directly from the home screen, including the function of making calls with access to the on-screen dial pad, contacts, and the incoming and outgoing call log.

Tasks is a built-in task manager. It is quite simple and works great as an everyday planner. The to-do list for the day can be deleted completely or edited item by item. If there are too many tasks and they do not fit on one screen, the scroll function is enabled.

There are two main pages in the launcher: the home page and the applications page, called by swiping from right to left. When you launch it, a list of all installed applications appears with a brief description. By tapping any of them, you can delete unnecessary ones or add them to Favorites and display them as text on the home screen.

A small icon on the main screen brings up a window where you can change device settings, change launcher or change theme. True, at the moment there are only two themes: light text on a dark background, and vice versa.

Launcher settings are grouped in a separate section. Here you can also specify whether applications will be displayed as icons or as text; hide the status bar or battery level indicator; change the time and date format. The ability to hide the application in their list is not provided.


The only launcher on the list recommended by Unbox Therapy fits the "nothing more" slogan. LessPhone is similar to the Indistractable Launcher in many ways. There are also differences, but they are minor. For example, the time is shown at the top of the screen, and the battery level is shown in the upper right corner. Like Indistractable, LessPhone has a task manager. To call someone, you need to press the Dialer button in the lower left corner.

Although the approach to the interface is similar to the previous launcher, the developers have gone a little further. So, for example, important and frequently used applications are grouped into a separate Custom App section displayed on the home screen, where the user can add up to three programs. It is possible to increase their number, but this feature is paid.

The settings button is in the lower right corner. From here you can access the system settings and the launcher itself. In this section, you can change the default applications: browser, launcher, phone, message manager.

Linux CLI

If you are a programmer, Linux CLI Launcher may be your favorite launcher. The interface looks like a terminal in Ubuntu. To run the desired application, you need to enter its name and press "Enter". Several additional functions are also offered, for example, file search, a calculator, or the ability to call the desired contact from the phone book by entering the “Call + subscriber name” command.

And you can also give commands to change the volume, enable / disable Wi-Fi, delete applications and a dozen other commands. To get acquainted with all the possibilities, enter the help command.

AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher is completely opposite to the previous launcher. Its sole purpose is to show all the important things on one screen. Here you will find frequently used apps, notifications, time, weather, date, timers, emails, calendar events, Twitter, quick actions, etc. To open the list of installed apps, swipe left or you can press the search icon and enter the desired name.

Boring Phone

The interface of the third application from our list resembles the UI of the first two, but more settings are available to the user. One of the few common features is a task manager with a day to day planner.

Boring Phonecan be classified as a minimalistic launcher only with some stretch, but this application is still less resource-demanding than native smartphone shells.

Applications are displayed at the bottom of the home screen. Here you can enter up to eight icons of applications that you launch most often. The developers did not provide access to all applications. So if you are not ready to immediately determine the 4-8 programs you need, be prepared to repeatedly edit the list. You can hide icons and change their size.

On Android, the notification setting is available only through the general phone settings. On the Boring Phone, they are called by the bell icon at the top of the screen. Here - system settings and menus with a choice of up to eight applications displayed on the main screen.

In the paid version, it is possible to change the theme (including with a "neon" color scheme), background color, date and time format.

On Android, two applications are responsible for resource usage statistics, but the Boring Phone has its own built-in counterpart. The information is available as a chart or list. Using these statistics, it's easier to choose the applications that are important to you and understand which programs are taking up time.

Ap15 Launcher

Pay attention to Ap15 Launcher - all applications are displayed on the home screen as text. You can get access to all, and not to 4-8, as, for example, in the Boring Phone. Frequently used applications are shown in larger font at the top of the screen, and settings can be configured and saved.

There is nothing special to configure, since there are no graphical interface elements. But the text parameters are easily changed. Pressing and holding the application name opens a menu through which you can access settings, change the font color, rename or delete. It is possible to reset to default settings.

Changes the color, size, style of the text; notification font color. The background of the main window is configured: you can change the color or upload an image that will be set as the background image.


Everything successful starts with good intentions - this fully applies to Siempo. This launcher has four scrollable screens. The first one is called - Intentions. Here you can write the phrase you want to see on the main screen.

The second screen of the Tool Kit is the default applications. For example, programs for fitness or photo and video shooting. The third screen is frequently used applications. Here is the software that you usually work with (WhatsApp, Reddit, others). The fourth window displays applications that are not in use.