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6 launchers with big buttons for the elderly

The launcher can drastically change the interface of the Android phone, including simplifying it. It can solve most of the problems your grandparents or parents face when using the phone. By default, the phone often pushes its fanciest features, making important activities like calls more difficult.

Fortunately, you can install a more suitable launcher that has been designed with older users in mind. They are easy to navigate and do not have unnecessary buttons, which greatly simplifies the use of the phone. If a person continues to have difficulty using a smartphone, buy special mobile phones designed for the elderly.

Simple Launcher

Simple Launcher has a simple, no-nonsense interface. The main page hosts important applications such as phone, SMS, and contacts. There are two widgets for weather and time. The launcher uses large, bold fonts and highly visible icons to prevent accidental clicks.

Simple Launcher has an extra page on the left where you can place shortcuts to frequently used contacts, favorite apps and settings. This section also contains a red SOS button for quick access to emergency contacts.

To prevent the user from accidentally knocking down the settings, there is a special switch that prohibits any changes. There is also a similar option for the volume level.

Senior Safety Phone

Senior Safety Phone has a kind of old-fashioned look that may be familiar to many older people. At the bottom there is a fixed row of elements containing shortcuts for calls, SMS and a list of all installed applications.

The rest of the screen contains grids of applications and contacts. You can customize them depending on what you use the most. Senior Safety Phone allows you to lock settings and volume levels. The developer also has several additional utilities for purposes such as sending an SOS message and setting medication reminders.

Big Launcher

Big Launcher further simplifies your phone's home screen. It replaces the wallpaper with a simple blocky background. The blocks are huge, with icons of the same size. The launcher does not show the name of the applications, instead the icons have unique, vibrant gradients that even a person with poor eyesight can easily identify.

Information such as battery level, network status, time and date is displayed at the top of the screen. By default, the app has only one page with six blocks including phone, SMS, camera, gallery and SOS button. It is possible to edit them and add new ones.

In addition to app links and contacts, Big Launcher allows you to set an action such as toggling Wi-Fi as a shortcut. Big Launcher uses its own set of custom apps for phone calls and SMS. They are made in the same design as the launcher itself. If you want, you can replace them with the ones already installed on your phone.

Big Launcher offers many personalization tools for almost all elements. You can change icons, grid and font size, overall theme, orientation, and more.

Simple Mode

Like all launchers for older people, Simple Mode shows widgets and shortcuts in large blocks. In Simple Mode, blocks have a translucent background. It goes well with any background and does not interfere with reading the name of applications.

The launcher divides the home screen into separate panels to group quick settings, favorite contacts and apps. In the settings, you can enable the display of the counter of missed calls and unread messages. Simple Mode's small size of 2MB allows you to use it even if your grandparent or parent has a very old Android phone.

Help Launcher Deluxe (closed)

Help Launcher Deluxe uses large buttons so that the elderly can use the phone more conveniently. There are only a few buttons on the main page, plus a wide panel that displays important phone metrics (such as battery level). Related apps are combined into one button to make it easier to find. For example, in the messaging icon, you will find WhatsApp, SMS, and email.

Help Launcher Deluxe allows you to switch wallpapers by swiping right or left on an empty space. The biggest highlight of the app is that it applies a handy theme to many system settings. When you click the gear button, the settings page will open. On it, you can easily adjust the brightness of the screen and the volume of the ringtone.

Square Home 3

The Square Home 3 Launcher was not designed specifically for seniors. But its Windows-style design is still a good option for such purposes. The app's colorful square tiles make it easy for grandparents to tell them apart.

You can place as many tiles as you like and also customize them according to their importance. In addition, Square Home supports widgets and even offers a few of its own. This lets you add everything you need to your home screen, from music controls to WhatsApp chat shortcuts.

Square Home has many personalization options. You can change the look to suit your preferences, and the app can sort tiles and apps based on how often they are opened. So that an elderly person does not accidentally knock down anything in the settings, you can set a ban on changing them.

Finally, the tiles can display the number of notifications of the respective apps. Square Home 3 is mostly free, but you can unlock a few extra features with the paid version.