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6 Best Dating Apps for Android and iPhone

Life is quite complicated and unpredictable, not for nothing that folk wisdom says: to live life is not to cross a field. Loneliness is especially hard to bear, and although there are lovers of this state, but rather as an exception to the rule. Man is a social being, without communication life becomes unbearable.

It can be brightened up by the presence of a loved one, friends, just a good interlocutor or colleague by profession, with whom it will be easy, pleasant and informative for you. If you are single and you do not have a social circle, then the problem arises - how and where to meet. Do not rely on fate or a chance meeting. Use special dating apps to find a person who is pleasant in all respects and close in spirit. We've rounded up the best dating apps for Android and iPhone, with expert opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each.


Tinder has helped in creating a lot of families. Recently, however, users are increasingly outraged that people meet here solely for the sake of one-time sexual relations. Here you need to understand that everyone has their own goals, so the administration cannot prevent a person from finding love for life or just for one night.

Tinder currently does not require a Facebook account, but does set an age limit of 18+. After registration, you need to fill out and set up a profile: write a biography, containing it in 500 characters; upload a photo (up to 6 pcs.). You can also sync your account with your Instagram account and provide work and school information. Search by different parameters will allow other users to find you to establish contact. At this stage, all the fun begins.

Tinder shows photo, name and age. By clicking on the photo, you can see additional information about the person, like, scroll or put a super like to show that the person liked very much. If he answers, then you will have a button to send a message. In the free version, you can use a limited number of swipes to establish contact. If you want to continue looking for an interlocutor or your half when the swipes are over, then you need to purchase a monthly subscription. Then all restrictions will be removed.

There is no spam in the application - this is a big plus: users cannot send a message if there was no mutual response. The application is used by millions of people around the world, so it's no problem to find a person in relative proximity to your home for pleasant meetings or something more. The app is stable, photos load quickly, and the profile setup process doesn't take long.

Available for Android and iPhone.


Very few dating apps for iOS and Android are not like Badoo. However, this site has everything necessary for users to find their love or casual relationship, depending on the purpose of registration.

The application has a good identity identification system so that only real people can create an account. For example, to send a message to a popular girl, you will have to go through identity verification (send a photo in a certain position to moderators). At the same time, you can safely send messages to each other without waiting for a response. This is very important because you don't have to wait long to get a like in response. There is also a video call feature, so you can actually see your interlocutor. It's easy to find celebrity look-alikes on Badoo, which is the original feature of the project.

Available for Android and iPhone.


This application is very similar to Tinder, but has slightly different functionality. Couples should also send each other notifications of their desire to communicate. In this case, the answer must be given by the girl. She has 24 hours to do so. Men can extend the response time by another 24 hours if they really expect a positive outcome. In the case of same-sex dating, anyone can write first.

Profiles are laconic and their settings are as severely curtailed as they are on Tinder. However, swiping up allows you to scroll through photos rather than sending likes. The same applies to the swipe to the left. However, making it to the right sends the user an invitation to the conversation.

Bumble is the only app that has its own Code of Conduct. It requires respect for each other and forbids posting pornographic images. At the same time, information about the code is hidden in the user agreement, which no one reads. We were only able to discover it during Bumble analysis. To get a response, the 24-hour limit is enough. However, if you send a swipe by mistake, just shake your phone. Then the previous action will be undone.

If you are a girl and it is difficult for you to start a conversation first, then Bumble will not suit you, it is better to find another dating application. The profiles are quite concise: there is some information about the user and a few photos (no more than six). Sometimes it is difficult to evaluate the interlocutor and understand how interesting he is. Since the onus is on the girl to start the conversation, there are quite a few passive accounts waiting to be picked by someone.

Available for Android and iPhone.


How often do you see the love of your life before a real date? Perhaps you meet her during morning coffee or on public transport, but you don’t have the courage to speak, so another chance to become happy is lost. This dating app shows profiles of single people and how far they are from you.

You can love people secretly and they won't know if they don't like you. But you can muster up the courage and click on the Charm button to communicate your interest in their person. But Charms are not free, they must be bought with local currency, which is purchased with real money. When you get a response, which Happn calls Crush, you can start chatting.

It is important to pay attention to your profile. Its setup does not cause any difficulties and is quite standard. You need to add a photo, indicate your age, profession and interests, and also write a few words about your favorite activities: hobbies, walking in the park, watching movies, and so on. You can synchronize with your account on the social network Facebook. Then it will be much easier to complete the profile. It also syncs with Instagram to automatically upload your favorite photos to your Happn profile. Using Spotify will allow you to determine if your musical preferences match.

Happn uses the GPS function to track your location. So, when you are at a distance of about 300 meters from another user, his profile is visible. People will not be able to contact you if you do not click on the heart icon (Heart). Happn never shows real-time movement to get rid of potential harassment. If necessary, GPS can be easily disabled.

Available for Android and iPhone.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This does not require a Facebook account. As soon as you set up a profile and enter information about your interests, the service will accrue several bagels (bagels). From now on, you have 24 hours to decide who to send the communication request to. It costs a certain amount of bagels. After receiving the answer, you can start communication. At this moment, a private chat button appears, which will be valid for 8 days. During this time, you need to have time to exchange phone numbers, if you do not want to lose the interlocutor.

You can also earn beans (beans) in the application for a number of additional features, they are given for recommending the application to friends. If you do not want to send invitations, you can buy local currency for real money. Here, a system for searching for an interlocutor by age, gender, religious beliefs, nationality, and so on has been worked out. You need to understand that appearances are deceiving. It often happens that outwardly pleasant interlocutor in fact turns out to be a person with whom it is unbearable to be around. That is why there are 8 days of private chat to get to know each other better.

Up to 9 photos can be uploaded after registration. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Large photos allow you to see a potential interlocutor well. The text is also quite large, it is easy to read. Some users note that the application is intermittently buggy. It works slowly, crashes. And it also happens that only one “donut” is issued during the day. They can be bought with beans, but you need to have at least 385 of them.

Available for Android and iPhone.


Are you ready for a short adventure, a one night stand? If the answer is yes, then this app is for you. Finding the right person, you can write to him. Communication within Pure is available for an hour, after which it is necessary to exchange phone numbers to continue the dialogue. All conversations are end-to-end encrypted. In addition, the entire conversation thread will be automatically destroyed after an hour. The app comes free, but there are a few features that you have to pay for.

Available for Android and iPhone.