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6 Android phone productivity apps

You may be satisfied with the performance of your Android phone, and you can run a lot of applications and games on it. But if at times the device is unstable, and the battery drains too quickly, something needs to be done about it.

Problems usually arise when you install too many applications or run more than one task at the same time. Programs start to slow down, and the battery sits down in a matter of minutes. Other problems may also arise: quiet sound, low data transfer rate to the SD card, the processor starts to “stupefy” and the browser “slows down”. Luckily, there are several useful Android utilities that can improve its speed.


As the name suggests, SetCPU adjusts the CPU parameters so that it produces the best possible performance. You can experiment and try to "overclock" your old phone.

But using SetCPU you can set not only a higher, but also a lower frequency! This has its own charm - the battery is discharged more slowly. Although, of course, the speed of execution of some applications that are demanding on hardware resources may also decrease. In some devices, SetCPU allows you to fine-tune the power supply, which can also slow down battery drain.

You can select multiple settings profiles, each of which will be activated when certain conditions occur. For example, the processor will speed up when surfing the Internet, but slow down when the CPU overheats.

ROM Manager

ROM Manager, the creation of the famous programmer Kusik Dutta, will also help speed up an Android phone, but in a different way. Please note that the application only works with "unlocked" gadgets (that is, not hardware-built for a specific operator). With ROM Manager, you can install different ROMs (operating systems), which can both increase the speed of the phone and expand its functionality. The control interface is intuitive, with new additions appearing from time to time.

The coolest feature of ROM Manager is OTA (over-the-air), a feature that installs your favorite operating systems on the fly. You can, for example, install the famous CyanongenMod OS. This ROM is enhanced with a new customizable keyboard that is much more comfortable to use than the standard keyboard of any smartphone. And also there are utilities for setting the frequency of the central processor.

There are many more interesting options in the ROM Manager. You can use the free version or pay for Premium. The paid version has even more features. But note that you must have root access.

CPU Tuner

CPU Tuner - improves CPU and battery performance. In many ways, it is similar to SetCPU. Works only with "unlocked" devices. Unlike SetCPU, here you can not only use ready-made settings profiles, but also create your own presets, each of which will be launched when a certain event occurs.

CPU Tuner can also reduce the frequency of the CPU. Let some, especially demanding applications, work a little slower, but this will not affect the speed of most popular programs in any way.

So, CPU Tuner gives you access to many options, and also makes it possible to create your own settings profiles. Flexibility and a few really cool presets are enough to set it up.

SD Speed ​​Increase

Tired of taking too long to transfer data to the SD card? No problem! Here is a ready-made solution to this problem. Speed ​​Increase increases the speed of data exchange with the memory card by increasing the default cache size of the SD card.

The app has the simplest interface imaginable. Just a slider that increases the size of the cache. Cache settings are reset to default every time you reboot your phone. To prevent this from happening, you need to check the small checkbox right below the slider.

Like the apps above, SD Speed ​​Increase works only through root access. Unfortunately, not with all phones. Even in a number of smartphones, the acceleration is almost not noticeable. But still, try it, maybe on your phone it will be possible to significantly increase the speed of read / write operations on the memory card.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark - This application does not improve performance, but measures it. Check memory and processor speed, 3D rendering capabilities, read / write speed when exchanging data with a memory card. At the same time, you can find out whether your phone will “pull” some game or not. You can also compare the performance of your smartphone with other models.

Android Assistant

Android Assistant is an all-in-one productivity app for Android phones. It provides a whole set of settings, utilities and monitoring tools to monitor the status of your smartphone and speed up its performance.

You can view the current CPU load, total free memory, battery information. But all the most useful is in the "Tools" menu. Here you will find the best phone performance utilities, from cache cleaner to download manager.

In Android Assistant, you can uninstall all unnecessary applications at once, using a batch file, you can complete several processes at the same time by pressing one button in the Quick Boost utility. This is a great solution for those who want to speed up the phone's performance "on all fronts".