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5 women's calendars for calculating periods on Android

The pace of modern life is accelerating every day. In the endless bustle, it is increasingly difficult for women to keep track of the phases and menstrual cycles, but modern technology is in a hurry to help. For Android, more than one application has already been created that makes it easy to cope with this task. But how to choose the most effective?

We will help you meet this challenge. We offer a selection of the best virtual assistants for tracking menstrual cycles. All programs work immediately after installation. Well, let's get to the review.


Clue is a partner of research institutions such as Oxford, Stanford and Columbia University. The app excels in adapting to the physiology of each individual woman over time, so the more you use it, the better it gets.

Not only does it track periods, but it also reminds you of PMS, ovulation, and fertility. It also contains information about cervical discharge, sexual activity, pain, about which you will receive timely warnings. With Clue, you can easily plan a pregnancy, you only need to enter the necessary initial data.

Many similar programs give only approximate information about your periods, the same calendar is extremely accurate and allows you to understand your body much better. Your task is to enter data about your periods on time. The program itself will study them, analyze them and notify you of the approximate date of the next cycles, and in most cases the forecast is accurate.

In the latest update, a new feature, Clue Plus, is a tab with educational articles from scientists with over 60 articles on every topic from birth control to PCOS.

Eve by Glow

In 2016, Eve by Glow was named the most innovative app on Google Play. This is not your typical women's calendar that tracks your menstrual cycles, ovulation days, etc. If you're a young couple, you can get helpful tips from it on building your relationship, tracking changes in your mood, PMS symptoms, and more. A selection of interesting facts, articles about women's health, anatomy and physiology will be useful.

Eve Period Tracker has won several awards including the 2016 Webby Award in the Health & fitness. Lots of tracking options and helpful tips make the program a reliable female assistant that takes care of you.

Period Tracker by Simple Design

Period Tracker by Simple Design is one of the most highly rated cycle tracking applications. This is a comprehensive tool for a better understanding of your body. It will help to monitor the periods of pregnancy and ovulation. The body temperature graph gives you the ability to better recognize ovulation days, helping you plan your pregnancy the way you want it.

If you are taking birth control pills, the app will tell you the best days to take your medication, saving you from an unwanted pregnancy. The program helps track cervical discharge, sexual activity, weight, temperature, symptoms and mood.

Period Tracker Flo

Flo tracks women's cycles, pregnancy, ovulation, which makes the application extremely popular among girls. Marks on the calendar the most favorable days for conception, helps to plan pregnancy from start to finish. You only need to enter data about your menstrual cycles, and Flo will quickly adjust to your body.

Information about basal body temperature can be entered into the program, which will help to receive more accurate information about upcoming periods. If you feel that the application is not always accurate, try entering more detailed information about your body. The more data you provide, the more accurate the results will be. The Flo even has a fitness tracker feature that lets you record your workouts, weight, and more.

With the latest update, the app has become smarter with improved AI technology. Now it's much easier to determine the best days thanks to more accurate forecasts. Choose your experience from over 70 options to improve your AI recommendations.

Period Tracker

Period Tracker is a pretty simple app that doesn't have the fancy stuff that many others do. You just get a women's calendar to enter data, which allows you to get more accurate results.

Flowers will appear on the home screen as your ovulation date approaches, a clever move by the developers. The approximate date of the period is calculated based on the data for the previous three months. You can increase the accuracy by entering information on your mood and other symptoms, which, by the way, are very numerous.