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5 Apps for Testing Android Smartphones

Want to test your phone's performance, confirm device configuration, or just check if everything is working properly? The Play Store has solutions to help you get the information you need.

Even if there are no specific problems, you should run some tests to make sure everything is working properly. The applications below will help you quickly enough to check the hardware of the phone, detect the problem and fix it.

Phone Tester

The main screen of Phone Tester shows a menu with various test items. You have the opportunity to analyze technical information and check if everything works as it should. You can check sensors - accelerometer, compass, magnetic field sensor, WiFi, GPS status, battery (charge, voltage, temperature, general health), multi-touch, operating system information (version, kernel, build) and other information.

Testing is so simplified that a child can do it. Unfortunately, the free version is overloaded with ads. Don't want to put up with ads? Get the premium version of Phone Tester. This is one of the best apps for testing Android devices. You won't regret your purchase.

Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus by iDea Mobile Tech Inc. also used to diagnose Android devices. The application gives the most complete information about the state of the phone's hardware. The user has 25 different tests. The main window contains detailed information about various sections: "External equipment", "Sensors", "Internal equipment", "Wireless" - plus data on the battery, memory, processor, network.

Can test multi-touch, display, speaker and microphone, flash, camera, proximity sensor, memory, gyroscope, vibrator, GPS and more. Phone Doctor Plus also monitors device activity in the background. You can share the test results via Facebook, Twitter or email if you want to inform your friends. Unlike Phone Tester, there are no ads here.

Dead Pixels Test

Phone Doctor Plus has a built-in test that allows you to check the phone's display for dead pixels, but does not fix them. But Dead Pixels Test will simultaneously test the smartphone display for dead pixels and fix them. To do this, a series of scans is launched.

Using the "Color" item, you can run a background color run to check for dead pixels or sub-pixels. To do this, simply click this menu item, select colors one by one, closely examine every inch of the screen of your smartphone.

After detecting dead pixels, you can start the screen repair process. At this time, it will flash in different colors (red, green, blue). The app fixes partial subpixel defects, dead pixels, black dot defects and more.

The testing process takes very little time, but the result will please you. Keep in mind that stuck pixels caused by device defects cannot be repaired and the display will need to be replaced.

Sensor Box

Sensor Box is designed to test various smartphone sensors. The program tests the accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, light, temperature, sound, pressure sensors. Of course, temperature, pressure and gyroscope sensors will not work if the device does not support them.

The application allows you to find out if your smartphone has sensors: for example, Poco F1 does not support a temperature and pressure sensor. The built-in Tool Box utility allows you to check information about the state of memory and flashlight. This is not much, but given the "narrow specialization", we put it on this list.


The app AccuBattery that monitors and optimizes battery health has over 1 million downloads on Google Play. This is one of the must-have apps when using an old smartphone that has a reduced battery capacity.

The main functions of AccuBattery are measuring the actual battery capacity for comparison with the nominal one, determining the discharge rate, the level of battery wear during each charge, monitoring the charge consumption by a separate application. There is also a paid version of AccuBattery that has a little more functionality - a dark mode and more detailed battery usage statistics. In addition, it has no ads.