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10 apps that know who called you from an unknown number

Nobody likes to receive phone calls from unknown numbers and be interrupted in the middle of important work or late at night. Unfortunately, with the rise of online shopping, it's nearly impossible to keep your number private. If you indicated it on any site when registering for training or sent an application for a loan, then it will be transferred from one company to another.

If you are tired of calls in which they are constantly trying to sell something or, even worse, they threaten, then special applications will help you, which compare the caller's number against their database and show all the information available on it. This will give you a better idea of ​​whether to answer the call or not.


Truecaller is the most popular application that allows you to find out who is calling from an unknown number. It can also block unwanted calls, completely protecting you from unwanted calls. If a blocked subscriber tries to call you, he will hear a busy signal.

TrueCaller also allows you to search manually. Just enter a number and you'll get a name attached to it, as well as some other information like the mobile operator's name or where it's from. This is possible thanks to a huge database that contains information about billions of calls. For example, in India alone, the app is used by 150 million people.

The application was originally developed for BlackBerry phones in 2009 by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB, founded by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. From there, it quickly expanded to other platforms, including iOS and Android. And for 10 years now, the company has been collecting data on phone numbers.

After installation, you will need to go through a quick registration through authorization using a Google, Facebook or Microsoft account. If you enable the "advanced search" option, Truecaller will look at your contact list and add it to its database as well. In return, you will be able to find out how they are recorded in the phone book from other users.

The latest update added the ability to schedule SMS messages. Simply press and hold the send button to switch to SMS Schedule mode and specify the desired date and time to send the message.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.


CallApp allows you to identify unknown callers, block spam calls, record incoming and outgoing calls. At the same time, the main function remains precisely the definition of unknown numbers, so it is not surprising that spam blocking does not work very well.

It is worth noting another disadvantage of CallApp - high energy consumption: when using it, the smartphone's battery is consumed faster than when working with Truecaller under the same conditions. Nevertheless, the application deserves a place on this list, as it does its main task well.

In addition to the standard features, there is an "Incognito" mode with which you can hide the number of a specific subscriber, and it will not be displayed not only during an incoming call, but also in the call log. If suddenly, you have a person with whom you want to talk, but so that no one knows about it by taking your phone, this is what you need.

In the update of August 25, 2020, the call analytics function appeared, the quality of the call recording improved. To get the maximum quality, conduct a recording test using the built-in functionality. There is a new function "Who did not answer me" - subscribers whom you called, but did not answer you - will be at the top of the list so that you do not forget about them. Among other things, you can now create and share your own video ringtones.

Link to install on Android.

Sync. ME

The Sync. ME application has 10 million active users. It can block calls, ignore phone calls and identify unknown numbers from all over the world. In addition, it can identify the sender of the SMS and block it. SyncME supports reverse lookup of any phone number. There is a built-in birthday reminder, information about which is taken from social networks.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.


The main functionality of Drupe is the identification of an unknown subscriber, recording telephone conversations, support for various design styles and blocking unwanted calls. Using Drupe, you can dial a number, send a text message, or contact someone on your contact list using your favorite messenger with just a swipe of your finger.

Drupe developers focused on the ability to communicate using gestures. You will always have a transparent icon at hand for quick access to contacts. WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Allo, SMS, and more are supported, but if you don't upgrade to the $4 premium version, ads will appear in your contact list.

Moved the hold call button to a better position in the latest version to prevent accidental cheek presses.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.

Show Caller

Show Caller is a small application that takes only 4 MB, but nevertheless is able to identify most unknown numbers and show detailed information about the subscriber, his name, photo, even if he is not in your contact list. Comes with support for T9 technology, which significantly speeds up the search in the notebook.

At the moment, the application has a base of about 20 million users. The interface of Show Caller is very similar to Truecaller, however, unlike the latter, it takes up much less space. Subscriber identification is fast enough. Of the minuses, one can only name the presence of advertising.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.


Eyecon provides all possible information about an unknown or existing contact. Eyecon, thanks to synchronization with Facebook and other social networks, allows you to see a photo of the person who is calling you. Of course, if his account could be found on Facebook. WhatsApp support has been added in a recent update - now for any contact who has both Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business, you can choose in which application to contact him.

There is also a difference from other similar services: data search is carried out not by phone numbers, but only through social networks. Thus, only those users who are already using Eyecon can be identified. Of the minuses, a small database should be mentioned in comparison with Truecaller. The service should only be used as a fallback.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.


Hiya, formerly known as Whitepages Caller Id, like Truecaller, detects unknown numbers and automatically blocks spam. The application searches for information about the caller using its own database, which includes millions of phone numbers.

The app uses its huge database to identify over 400 million calls per month. In addition, Hiya also checks the content of SMS messages for malicious links. Hiya has a chic design, no ads, and it's free.

After you install the application, you will need to register with your Facebook account or email. When this happens, Hiya will display on the incoming call screen and show all the information it can find.

Fraudulent calls are displayed in red with a highly visible warning sign to let you know not to waste your time on it. The only issue is that it can sometimes take a few seconds for Hiya to identify the caller, especially if you're using a slow internet connection.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.


Number was created by the authors of the popular Hiya application, which was described above. It also recognizes spam and can block calls using prefixes. This means that you can block calls using area and operator codes. The application also detects unknown callers, which helps to fight against stalkers.

The community is quite active, so you can comment on any number that calls you, easily whitelist or blacklist it. Reverse lookup support is provided, which allows you to find out who called without waiting for a second call. It is enough just to manually enter an unknown number in the search bar.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.


Whoscall was developed by Gogolook back in 2010 and during this time has managed to collect an impressive database of more than 700 million numbers around the world, plus a community on 50 million users.

Whoscall detects more than 20 million calls per day and blocks about 500 thousand calls. The key plus of the service is its offline database, which allows you to identify the caller even without an Internet connection.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.


Have you ever received a call saying "Unknown"? Now you can identify any person behind this faceless phrase. Trapcall offers what others cannot offer.

Most of these applications identify subscribers based on data from their own user base, while Trapcall detects calls even from private numbers. This feature will be especially useful for those who are being pursued by stalkers: now it will not be difficult to collect evidence to file a complaint with the police. When you upgrade to the professional plan, you get the ability to record calls, which will add evidence against your abuser.

Installation link for Android and iPhone.